Our vision for the site is to create an exciting and aspirational new neighbourhood, including at least 4,000 new homes and employment space. The proposals include a new ‘high street’ with shops, community facilities and employment space. Across the site there would also be new primary schools, a secondary school, sports and play provision alongside new areas of public open space.

The land at West Corby forms part of wider strategic plans for the growth of Corby, which is planned to double its population by 2031 and this brings with it a range of new facilities and employment opportunities for the whole town. The site is allocated for new development within the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (Core Strategy), which has brought together East Northamptonshire, Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough to provide an area wide plan to deliver the 40,000 homes and 31,100 jobs needed by the growing population up to 2031.

The Core Strategy has also outlined the necessary supporting infrastructure required, including new roads and transport improvements, which all developments will be contributing towards. The Core Strategy has been independently reviewed by a government planning inspector who increased the allocation of new homes to 4,500 and put more emphasis on links to the A427 before it was adopted as council policy.

Whilst this process continues, the West Corby promoters has been preparing plans to show design ideas for the development, where the new facilities will be provided and how this can be delivered in phases. It aims to provide a neighbourhood that is connected to its surroundings, with a focus on maximising accessibility eastwards to Corby town centre as well as creating supporting infrastructure to serve  new residents and the wider community. 

These plans were formally consulted upon in October 2015 and, following discussions with officers and statutory consultees, changes have been made to reflect the new allocation and local priorities. These can be found here.