The proposals will combine the two Estates’ local experience of managing the built and natural environment with the development expertise of Barratt Developments and Taylor Wimpey. They seek to create a development where people will choose to live and work, and of which the promoters can jointly be proud .

Figure 90 27235 Village Green 3D Sketch

The West Corby development comprises the following:

  • Up to 4,400 new homes from starter to larger family homes and including a proportion of affordable housing;
  • A significant range of job opportunities in different kinds of employment space;
  • A mixed use ‘Main Street’ providing small retail units, community facilities and office/light industrial space alongside homes through the heart of the development;
  • Three new primary schools and a new secondary school, with community access to the associated sports pitches outside of school hours;
  • A site for a new health centre
  • Two new community halls providing flexible space for both the existing and new community to enjoy, including indoor sports activities;
  • Housing for the elderly will also included with the provision of a care home in addition to other opportunities for 'downsizers';
  • Opportunities will be made available for people who want to purchase 'custom built' homes;
  • Cycle and footpath links will be provided throughout the development and across the A6003 to promote walking and cycling, reduce reliance on the car and allow existing Corby residents to access the new facilities within the proposed development;
  • Large areas of publicly accessible green spaces , including new eqipped play areas, sports pitches with a changing pavilion and general recreational open space with links to the wider countryside;
  • Natural areas including public access to retained existing woodland;
  • Retention of important hedgerows and trees to provide both a mature setting for the new homes and create wildlife corridors through the development;
  • A combination of ponds, swales and other drainage features to limit surface water runoff to protect both the development and existing properties downstream from the risk of flooding.
  • Financial contributions towards improvements to local bus services, local libraries as well as to support the local fire and rescue service;
  • Significant investment in the local roads and junctions will add capaity to the A6003 and A43 from the site to junction 7 of the A14.

Figure 93 Illustrative Plan Vignette



The indicative masterplan shown below reflects the comments received through the various community consultations and subsequent extensive engagement with officers of the Borough Council and other key stakeholders (including the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning & Delivery Unit, County Council and the Wildlife Trust), alongside a number of Design Reviews with a panel of experts in the field of design and development .

Figure 125 Landscape Masterplan

The form and character of the proposed development will reflect its location in North Northamptonshire, with a mixture of house types and style; building on the established local character of neighbouring towns and surrounding villages. A focused design approach will be an important part of the scheme, with the intention of creating pleasant surroundings using selected hard landscape materials and planting.

There will be three distinct character areas within the development to ensure that there is variety in the appearance of the new housing, and all public buildings will be designed with a coordinated approach of materials.

The quality of new buildings and public areas will be controlled by a series of detailed design codes which will be agreed with Corby Borough Council to ensure the development is distinctive, and of a higher quality than other local development sites.