Design Code Submitted to Corby BC

20 Sep 2019

As an integral part of the Vision for the development, the landowners and housebuilders have committed to control the quality and consistency of the development through the use of design codes, ensuring a set high quality standard running through the entire development over many years.

The Consortium have created a Site Wide Design Code (in conjunction with subsequent Detailed Design Codes for each Phase) will honour the intent set out in the Vision and help ensure high quality development at West Corby and to assist the preparation and approval of reserved matters applications.

The new development at West Corby will be a new district, linked and connected with the town but with its own identity drawn from the character of the area. The design of the landscape, streets, paths and buildings will be considered as a whole and will draw their character from the typical landscape, settlements and buildings of north-east Northamptonshire.

You can see a copy of the draft Design Code and other recent documents here.