New community facilities

The planning application includes a range of community, education and recreational facilities alongside the new homes and employment space.

Figure 87 Illustrative Plan Vignette

Providing the right facilities for residents is key to ensuring that the proposed development is both a sustainable and desirable place to live and work . The proposed development will deliver a range of community facilities including multi function halls suitable for indoor sports, ameteur dramatics, community events and as places of worship. There will be two local centres, connected by the proposed mixed use 'main street' and providing retail units for local shops, employment space, community and health services located at the heart of the development. It is recognised that the early delivery of of key infrastructure, facilities and open space will assist in the success of the new development.

The vision for the ‘main street’ is to create a focus for the new neighbourhood bringing together traditional design principles and modern building standards. It will provide a provide a range of flexible' units that can easily be adapted to respond to changing circumstances and needs.


New schools

The proposed development includes sites for three new primary schools and a secondary school, to provide the required number of pupil places generated by the development. Expansion land for one of the Primary Schools and the Secondary School has been allocated to cater for any increase in pupils from the development as well as to provide additional capacity to serve a wider need if required by the County Council. The sports facilities within the Secondary School will also be available for wider community use outside of school hours. It is also envisaged that creches will sit alongside the new primary schools.




Landscape and ecology

The proposals take full account of existing habitats within and surrounding the site to seek to maximise the potential to deliver new habitats for biodiversity. biodiversity.‘Wildlife corridors’ have been created through the development along with management of the large areas of existing woodland within the site. Existing hedgerows will be retained where possible and enhanced by high quality planting, including the use of native species. Mature trees will be retained as focal points for the new development. This integrated approach will seek to achieve real benefits for the flora and fauna that are known to occur locally, such as bats and woodland birds.

The extensive network of green infrastructure space will be an important part of the appearance and feel of the new neighbourhood, with green swathes, play areas and retained mature woodland used to soften the impact on the wider landscape and reduce visibility from further afield. The green spaces will also include the proposed sustainable drainage system to manage the surface water run off from the development whilst creating attractive focal points for the new homes.

The design of the landscaped spaces will also improve access to countryside and local facilities for existing residents of the western edge of Corby.


Transport infrastructure

Cycle and footpath links will be provided throughout the development and across the A6003 Uppingham Road to provide access to new and existing facilities within the development and Corby itself. This will help to promote walking and cycling and reduce the reliance on the car.

We recognise the concerns of the local community and as part of the planning application a comprehensive traffic impact assessment has been undertaken with Northamptonshire County Council, Rutland County Council and Highways England. Any potentially affected roads and junctions have been analysed to assess the impact over time from the development. The findings have also been dovetailed with wider highway assessments across the surrounding area . As a result the development will improve capacity at all major junctions along the A43 and A6003 from the A14 to Rockingham Castle with a combination of measures to provide larger more robust junctions. This approach will deter rat running through adjacent villages and has been a key principle agreed with the County and Borough council. The A6003 will not however be dualled, as the County Council and promoters are satisfied that, by increasing the capacity and effectiveness of the junctions, the effect of additional traffic on the locality will be successfully mitigated.

Vehicular access to the development will be provided from the A6003 Uppingham Road (at an improved junction at Danesholme Road) and from a new junction to the south of the two water towers, together with an additional access from the north onto the A427.

A comprehensive package of improvements to existing junctions in the vicinity of the development (including the BP Fourways and Oakley Hay roundabouts) and across the wider road network including junction 7 of the A14 have been agreed with the County Council, costing a total of over £15 million

The new neighbourhood will also be served by a regular bus service running through the heart of the development to provide a direct and convenient link with the town centre and the railway station.

The development will include sufficient parking for the new residents and businesses and will be future proofed with provision of electric charging points for homes with on plot parking, in employment areas and in the public realm.




Surface Water and Foul Water Sewerage networks have been designed to be adopted by Anglian Water. The proposals include an extensive sustainable drainage system to capture rainwater across the development and hold it back in designated ponds to limit the run off to the current ‘greenfield’ conditions in accordance with the latest Environment Agency standards and reduce issues with flash flooding further downstream. This system also takes account of the requirements set out in the Northamptonshire Local Flooding Risk Management Study, Corby Flood Risk Management Strategy and the Corby Water Cycle Study. Our proposals have the approval of the Environment Agency.


Jobs and the local economy

The construction of the new homes and community facilities will help to provide approximateley 2,500 new jobs for local people and work for local enterprise. New households will bring additional spending power to the town which can support local businesses.

Alongside this, the proposed new employment area provides the opportunity for a significant new commercial land allocation for the town. Space will be made available at an early stage of the development and will be brought forward as demand increases for new commercial space.

The development will also deliver new smaller business spaces such as offices and light industrial units as part of the proposed mixed use main street, helping to nurture new businesses and allowing them to grow and stay in Corby. In accordance with the Core Strategy policy, it is envisaged that the dvelopment will create over 3,000 jobs, including several hundred created throughout the construction of the development itself.

Below: Examples of the types of employment units that would be included with the proposals